Meet the team

People are the heart and soul of any company. 

With this in mind, here at emd inspire we’ve brought together a team of highly skilled associates, whose aim is to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with us feels engaged, motivated, developed and inspired!

All our associates are guided by this aim and our four core principles.

These are:

… everyone has the POTENTIAL

We believe everyone starts out with the aptitude and attitude to want to be the best they can be. Given the right environment, we all can excel and grow.

Our role is to not only see the potential in everyone, it’s to combine this potential with understanding to provide purposeful development. Which within the right environment, will enable your people to excel day after day.

…we’re all human BEINGS

Our ‘being’ is connected to our self-esteem. If our inner conversation is lacking, then our outer performance reflects this.

Too often in business the focus solely is on what people do, not how they are ‘being’.

Our approach involves fully engaging your employees and providing a motivational learning environment. If this is fully embraced, self-esteem rises, performance levels increase, and we are able to hear the empowering inner conversation.

…staring at the scoreboard doesn’t WIN the game

No team ever won the game by staring at the scoreboard; so why in so many businesses, do they do just that?

Using last week’s results and ‘in-the-moment’ data to drive performance, preoccupies you from focusing on your people.

Our belief is it’s through your people and their performance, that you win the game. Focusing your attention on engaging, motivating and developing your people, the “scoreboard” will positively take care of itself.

…never assume, seek to UNDERSTAND

Sometimes we assume we know and understand a situation based on our own past experiences.

Our mantra at emd inspire is:

“Before you assume, try this crazy method called asking

By getting to know you, your team and your business through asking lots of questions, being quizzical, interested and focused; enables us to provide the right solution for you and your team.

EMD Inspire is a management training company providing Leadership and Management development across the UK and Ireland. We provide custom-made development. For leaders, and managers that is engaging, motivational and inspiring. A perfect blend of training methods, we design workshop experiences that are fun, challenging, memorable and highly interactive. We offer inhouse face to face, alongside external open workshops. We create and provide online virtual classrooms to meet the ongoing development needs of business even during a global pandemic. Based on 20 years of People Development experience; we bring fresh thinking, and practical skills, equipping your people to be confident, in their ability, to raise their performance. We offer courses in subjects such as MBTI, Emotional Intelligence, The S.O.A.R Principle, Persona vs Character, Authentic Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, P.A.U.S.E, Challenging Conversations, Performance Management, Customer Service Skills, Empowered Conversations, The power of listening, Train the trainer, Interim L&D Management, Bespoke L&D Project Management
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